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wildflower free wallpaper for iphone wallpaper

Here are the FREE DOWNLOADS for your phone WALLPAPER.

Click the pictures, save to your camera roll, then go to your settings and set your new Wallpaper! Enjoy! >>> And here’s a little backstory of the inspiration for these…

Most of us have heard, “faith of a mustard seed”. We say that our Faith can move mountains. But then, at the very first bump in the road, we often retreat. We get paralyzed in fear or frustration. Or even worse, we never even attempt the climb.

Something God has really shown me lately is how frequencies and the healing work I’m doing for myself and with clients are ALL connected. For so long, I feared asking questions or questioning what I was taught. I didn’t even want to attempt the climb of a new mountain (although I could sense the view from the top was spectacular).

But as I began to pray for clarity and shut out all the noise around me, it was clear. This new frequency, of love and light (the frequency of GOD) became the lens I looked through each day.

You see, the same God who showed us what it was to live on this Earth (by sending his Son in human form)… the God who “Spoke” and it was so… who “created” all things… LIVES WITHIN YOU. All throughout the Bible, it is repeated, that God is in us; that if we have love, we have his Spirit.

So then, the next time we SAY, “Faith of a mustard seed can move mountains”, we ought to really believe it. And in believing, we will begin living. Really living.

The wallpaper creation below was inspired by this popular verse (Luke 17:6) and I tied it in with my love of Wildflowers.

My love of butterflies and wildflowers has always come from this place of feeling a bit of a wanderer, mishap, unwanted, unworthy; a gypsy soul. But what I love that has transpired in my own healing is that I see so clearly, a WILDFLOWER is simply, one who can grow wherever, whatever the conditions.

To be a wildflower, you must be resilient, open to change but rooted in truth, knowing the confidence and love within you will withstand the elements.

LOVE will conquer all.

I hope you live with joy and purpose today, and every day.

Love y’all!

wildflower free wallpaper for iphone wallpaper

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