DIY Bug Spray We Can’t Live Without

DIY Bug Repellent

We know a LOT about bugs around here! Mosquitos, ticks, spiders of all types, ants, tree roaches…I’m not proud of this knowledge! In fact, I can’t stand these little critters (even if I’ve coaxed a few out of the house like they were a cute labradoodle)! And with a close relationship comes lots of trial and error in the bug department!

Before Young Living, we used a LOT of toxic products. A Looooooooot. I used to pick up a can and look to compare which one had “more of the good stuff”. Yikes. I cringe now, but I was proud at that moment. I thought bugs gone=good Mom/safe kiddos. I didn’t know the toxins were adding to my already toxic viral counts and helping prepare my kids for the same fate (if we didn’t make a change).

We love the Insect Repellent you can get from Young Living and use straight up- ready to go! (For more information on that, go here!) But, again, there are really no words for the amount of it we go through when you tally up each of our family members X amount of time outdoors. Heck, in Texas summers, add the amount of time indoors because mosquitos.will.find.and.attack!

Imagine my relief and excitement to share when we made this DIY Bug Off Repellent! This has been tweaked a bit by the original version in the Essential Oils Desk Reference book (highly recommend) and we have used it for so many purposes!

We eat a ton of fruit, and having an open kitchen in 600 square feet of total living space has been a challenge! Enter, the ants! They came one day (I am convinced for magical papaya) and never left…until this spray! One application on counters and by morning, we knew we were onto something! Because it’s all-natural and made by us, we know we have the control and know what’s going in it. This means we use it directly sprayed onto our skin, the floors, the walls, the porch…it’s a game-changer and we hope you are inspired to make a huge batch, too!

1 Gallon Distilled or Well Water
3 Tablespoons Organic     Catnip steeped like tea, cooled
3 squirts Young Living Bath Gel Base
2 capfuls Thieves All-Purpose Cleaner
20 drops Purification
20 drops Palo Santo
40 drops Digize
20 drops Tea Tree
10 drops Rosemary
20 drops Peppermint
20 drops Lemongrass

Again, our version is a little different than the original but it works! I am sure you could play and adjust with what oils you have on hand, or add some to your next order and “save up” for making this huge huge batch! We keep it stored under the kitchen sink (it’s amazing at the space you save when you also simplify cleaners) and refill a glass spray bottle as needed! No more worrying it will get in the kids’ eyes or lungs or absorb into their skin! No more wondering if we will have enough to go around! No more skimping! (And if you still don’t have a Young Living account, you can go HERE, get more info HERE, or reach out anywhere on the blog or social to chat and let us walk you through it all. It is one of the best parts about our wellness adventure…to be a tiny part of someone else’s beginning and long-term wellness)!

There you have it! Super simple! Super quick to make!

Have YOU ever made your own insect repellent? Did you use similar oils or a different blend? 
Share your find with us and let us know, if you made this one, where you’re using and how much you like it!

Love y’all 


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