How To Network Online Without Being Annoying

How To Network

Oftentimes, it’s “work from home” “mom jobs” that get automatically put into this category: ANNOYING FAKE NETWORKING.

We’ve all been there: It’s 10 pm and you get a random friend request to which you see you have mutual friends with this person. You accept the request and before you can even click on their name to see if you recognize them, they’ve sent you a Direct Message! DING. 
“Hello there, friend! I noticed you are cousins with my great grandma’s once removed older son’s cousin and I just had to say hi! I think you are beautiful BUT….you could really benefit from….. would you be interested in joining my….”

Seriously, I mean it. In fact, I am locking ALL my doors, dead bolting my windows, and forever running far, far away from you! 

WHY, though? How could I, a Mom with businesses who rely on networking, say such a harsh thing!?

FRIEND, let me tell you, it’s TRUE!
I’d like to think most people doing these types of things just don’t know better. I have to believe that. 

Here are a few tips for networking and NOT being annoying! 

I can’t tell y’all how many times I see people opening a business or joining a company that makes no dang sense! For example, the person LOVES and lives for health, but they constantly switch from selling sunglasses to Tupperware to fragrances. Sometimes people get so excited about the IDEA of selling something that they forget what it is they love. They forget why they even wanted to be a part of it in the first place. And that is where “script” and bad dialogue like the formerly mentioned happens. Just STOP.

I say this with love and because I have been there! When you have a “lead” or new customer, LISTEN to their needs. Do not get ahead of yourself by overwhelming them about every item you sell or every “opportunity” you think is great. Listen to their needs, find their problem, and bring them the solution (if you have it!) and then listen to their response. 

This is probably my favorite tip because if you’re reading this, you use the internet and you understand something about online presence. Now, tell me, when is the last time you went LIVE on video or spent time planning content to GIVE others? Be honest…
The thought of sharing yourself LIVE or figuring out how to share it can be daunting. But rest east friends…let me tell you a secret…PEOPLE DON’T REALLY CARE THAT MUCH ABOUT YOU. Again, I say that with love! We are all BUSY and all living different lives and networking means you GET IN FRONT OF PEOPLE. Let them come to you! Let them see what you love and see what you’re about. MAJOR TIP: By doing this you will attract “your people” who love you for you and compliment your life best rather than begging and grasping for anyone who will listen. 

This goes back to Tip #1 and being passionate about your product(s) but beyond that, BE GEUINE! If you have no intention of ever wanting a relationship with said person, STOP BS’ing them! You, they, and everyone in the building can smell it from a mile away! Sure, share what you love if you’re led to, but do so with authenticity. I like to remember, if you wouldn’t say it to their face, don’t type it online. There’s nothing worse than networking with another Mom for 12 months and then meeting face-to-face in-person to discover they are not anything like the person you have come to know. 

These are just a few quick tips on networking online without being annoying!  We hope these help you in your business and personal life! And for more tips regarding business, check out this post on Top 10 Tips For Working From Home.

Love y’all!!!



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