Tips for Living In Small Spaces

Tips for riny spaces

Even though “tiny home” and “minimalist” are terms made “cool” in recent years, most small-space owners will tell you it has its ups and downs! Living in tight quarters with those you love is definitely a good thing, but careful planning and detail needs to be made to make sure everyone is happy!

Make the Most of your space with these easy to implement, small-space living tips!

1. 6 MONTH RULE (or maybe even 3!)
If you don’t use it, get rid of it! 
I know this seems simple enough but you’d be surprised at how many things you have probably held onto for the last decade and never use. If the thought of letting go overwhelms you, we suggest starting with a baby step. Pack it up and store away with a friend or family member who has extra storage space or invest in an outside shed (see our Tips For Getting The Most Out of Your Outside Storage Shed here). That way, you have the peace of mind it’s still there if you really do decide you need it. This isn’t about losing what brings you joy! It’s about honing in on WHAT ACTUALLY DOES add value to your life and create YOUR perfect space! 

If you follow through with tip number 1, this one should happen naturally!
Being incredibly organized has saved our sanity OVER and OVER and OVER again! I don’t mean sorting undies from socks, people! I’m talking about the odds and ends, everything in it’s place- from our junk drawer to closets, file folders to toys, every little thing has it’s spot! Not only can the kids learn to take care of things and be responsible, but us adults get a clear head and focus better when the room or few rooms we live in make sense. 

This was a big one for me! You don’t need to lie to yourself or anyone else!
Is living in a small space for everyone? No!
Are there moments I miss having a TON of space inside when the weather is dreary to entertain? Yes! Would I trade our decision for anything? No! 

IT IS OKAY to remember memories and miss what once was! It’s okay to have challenges or growing pains as you start a new adventure! Whether you are downsizing on purpose or out of necessity, it’s okay to feel all the feels! But then ask yourself, WHAT is it about before that you miss?
You may discover what you are actually missing is something you can easily incorporate into your smaller living space. For example, we were really missing family dinners around our huge dining table. Our solution (while not “conventional”) was to grab a long fold-up-table and set the table just like we would back in our “big house”! The kids were so excited to have a bigger eating area that actually put us closer together than the previous dinner setup that we have kept it! They love taking turns “setting up” and being big girls to drag it out. It gives me time to finish in the kitchen, I’m doing more family style meals again (also easier for me!) and everyone is happy! What could have been a real bummer has become one of our favorite parts of the day! 

Want to know one of our favorite perks of having a small space!?
It means HUGE space for savings!
Have you ever gone to price out your dream tiles for your master bedroom only to discover it would cost more for the tiles than the entire room remodel of everything else combined!? Or how about trying to find a large slab of marble countertop!?

When it comes to tiny living, you can often save BIG and get DREAM materials at a fraction of the cost. You may even be able to snag FREE items because it’s scrap from their large remodel! Yes, for real..! Ask around, keep your eyes open, and celebrate in style (your style)!

We couldn’t make this list without including the #1 reason we love and choose our current home setup! Not only do we have more time and motivation to GET OUTSIDE and LIVE but inside, and out, we grow even closer as a family. You learn quickly that there’s nowhere to run to…nowhere to hide…except in the arms of each other. And for us, that’s been the sweetest part of the adventure!

There is a lot to consider with tiny spaces/downsizing/simplifying your life. 
We hope these tips help you as much as they have us the last year! 

Love y’all! 


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